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Launching in 2020 AirPool will become the UK’s leading

[not so private] flight sharing marketplace.

An intelligent solution to a challenging problem: giving anyone the chance to benefit from the key advantage provided by private and business aviation. Reclaiming time!

User-scheduled flights up to 250 miles with business aircraft make it possible to do business across the UK on a day return. Flights to leisure destinations make weekends away more fulfilling and events easier to attend. 

AirPool customers select where to fly from, where to and when.

AirPool opens up low-demand routes not served or poorly served today by existing airlines or those where time consuming and stressful surface travel is the only other travel option. We offer a viable alternative to flying from large, congested and stressful airports. Time-sensitive business travellers and time-challenged leisure travellers now have unrivalled flexibility and time-saving potential.

And, with the the introduction of electric/hydrogen fueled aircraft and the advent of new Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft (eVTOL) in the next few years, AirPool will also be the go-to marketplace for booking all environmentally friendly, urban air transport flights.

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We are working hard behind the scenes to build our pioneering, on-demand, flight booking app.

Meanwhile why not discover all the places you can fly to from your local airfield/airport. We offer access to more than 14,000 routes in the UK. The choice is yours.

Discover where you can fly from and to in the UK.

Discover how much time you can save.

Discover that day-return business trips are now viable.

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We are the UK pioneer of ‘flying-as-a-service’.

A shared-economy model that allows you to book seats on confirmed flights, reserve a place on proposed flights or create your own flight (that's what we call an “AirPool”) and we will find travellers within our community to join you.

When an “AirPool” is launched we share the details across the AirPool community, and beyond, to fill the available seats. Flights are confirmed, and fares collected, when the minimum number of seats required to make the fight viable have been reserved.

Flights are operated by fully CAA-approved commercial operators from across the UK. Smaller aircraft, usually less than 20 seats, make it possible to fly low demand routes from smaller, more convenient airports. Less than 30% of airports in the UK are served by commercial airlines.

Flying in and out of smaller, less busy and more convenient airports improves regional connectivity, delivers shorter door-to-door journey times, increases traveller productivity and provides a much more pleasant, less stressful and more hygienic travel solution.

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Use the AirPool mobile app to launch an “AirPool” on a route, day and and time you need.

Alternatively, you can join an existing “AirPool” that is waiting to be confirmed or already confirmed.

By requesting the start and end points of your journey (e.g. your home and your final business meeting venue) the app will highlight the time savings possible in the end-to-end journey time compared to other forms of transport. Networking within the AirPool community is a great way to get the flights you need to make best use of your time.

Introducing the AirPool concept


Choose when and where to fly and we’ll find other like-minded travelers to join you before confirming the flight and collecting the fare.


Alternatively, join an existing AirPool and receive confirmation straight away.

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Investment Opportunities

AirPool is SEIS/EIS approved and is currently engaged in a seed investment round.


If you want to learn more about AirPool investment opportunities let us know below and we will be in touch with more information.

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AirPool is looking to partner with approved operators who operate modern 6+ seat aircraft and who can offer surplus capacity (aircraft with crew) on a non-binding basis that AirPool can optimise. If you would like more information please let us know.

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Our Partners

As part of our launch we are collaborating with CityClipper, Swanson Aviation, and RVL Group on the Innovate UK Future Flight Challenge.



To ensure we are prepared to support the introduction of electric/hydrogen fueled aircraft we are already engaged with several manufacturers who are currently in the testing /certification phases of their projects.

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